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“Every Jewelry has its own soul, its own character, and its own story. Each one of them is the ONE and the Only One. I bring them to live.”  

Ping is a native of China, and is so full of life and an effervescent personality, that melts everyone heart and lifts everyone spirit. She meets everyone with a genuine joyous greeting. Even to a total stranger is treated with an outpouring of effusion.

Each day some new and amazing talents seem to blossom from the heart of this beautiful young woman. She loves to sew, perform needlepoint, also does gardening, painting and many other artistic endeavours. Her most magnificent creations are the jewellery ensembles, made up of pearls, semi-precious stones, various types of wire wrapping. All the jewellery is handcrafted and stunning designed, intricately arranged using wire tightly woven and fitted. The unique patterns lend a sense of rich luxuriousness to the wearer.

We can guarantee our customers, for every single piece of Jewelry you bought from us, there is ONE and the ONLY ONE in the world. You are the ONE, so is your Jewelry.

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